All You Need to Know About BBGlow & Glass Skin

Without flawless skin, you can’t complete your makeup! More than that, the BBGlow benefits are not only limited to the long-lasting foundation effect; I am talking about healthy skin with fewer wrinkles and skin conditions. Most importantly, you won’t need a filter anymore and feel free to use #nomakeup in any of your pictures after you have BBGlow / Glass Skin.

Glass Skin

BBGLow & Glass Skin

What is The BBGlow?

BB Glow is an intensive, semi-permanent skin treatment that offers a healthier and brighter skin. It is a medical grade BB Cream so it not only covers it corrects skin conditions. This facial treatment involves the professional use of specific skin boosters and pigmented serums with the nano needling technique. Each therapy treats the skin with niacin amides (skin superfoods!) peptides (little signals to trick your skin into producing more collagen), minerals and hyaluronic acid.


What are the Effects of BBGlow?

BBGlow is doing that by perfectly evening out all blemishes and discolourations. It works as a pure water base layer that coats your face and hydrates the skin 24/7 while working on the fine lines and imperfections. The pigment absorbed in the skin fights against the effects of ageing due to nutritious ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants. It also speeds up the growth of new skin cells, which makes your skin healthier and brighter. If you have a hard time hiding the dark circles around your eye, definitely BBGlow is a good option since it evens the tone around the eyes. What about blackheads and pores? This treatment works well on blackheads and minimizes pores for a smooth look.

BBGlow Before&After

BBGlow Before&After

How Does the Treatment Go?

BBGlow treatment takes up to an hour and half. It starts with cleaning your face to remove dead skin and sebum. Then the BB pigment shade is chosen by you and the technician. Once you decide on the tone, the technician will start this painless treatment.


Result and Longevity

You can set your expectations high because BBGlow treatment will leave you feeling more confident about your skin. This treatment is designed to improve fine lines and rejuvenate the skin immediately after the first treatment. Also, the cream will be active under your skin for two weeks to keep working for even brighter skin. The brightening and evening out skin tone will last up to 2 months. However, you can keep the health in your skin by repeating the treatment every 8 to 12 weeks.


If you have an uneven skin tone and think that BBGlow is right for you, please click here to learn more about our BB Glow service and explore other skincare treatments we offer.  You may want BBGlow so badly but still may have some questions. It is okay! Deciding on having a procedure on face never been easy. Give us a call; we can discuss BBGlow and your expectations.