Are You Re-Opening?

You may be considering re-opening soon if you are in a province that is permitted to re-open beauty salons. Now it is time to focus on your relaunch plan and ensure you’re ready to provide the best and the safest service with your re-opening.


We invite you to build your stunning ‘COVID-19 Back to Work’ plan with us. Check our website daily to read our latest blog post and get a new checklist every weekday.


  • When you decide to re-open your beauty business consider a very limited schedule. Besides you should plan to accept a low number of clients at the beginning.


  • The time allocated to each customer will increase with the cleaning and disinfecting procedures have to be followed due to COVID-19.


Cleaning Materials


  • Also, make sure you’ve stocked up on all tools and cleaning materials recommend by Health Canada and before accepting any clients.


  • The amount and number of supplies required per client will increase. So it is smart to procure supplies that will be enough to cover two-three weeks.


  • Consider switching tools with the disposable ones if possible or ensure cover your tools with disposable sleeves.



  • Please make sure you have at least two sets of tweezers to sanitize them with medical-grade wipes, soap and water.


  • Calculate the number of your daily customers. You should consider the time you need to allocated for cleaning and disinfection before and after each client to predict your potential need for disposables.

The number of your daily customers

With the COVID-19 novelty, we need to add some critical tools into our regular set-up. See the must-have tools checklist below for Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Technicians.



Eyelash Extension


Eyebrow Technicians